Welcome to Personalized Recovery. Private in home detox services. We provide Confidential and Specialized Treatment.

  Safe and comfortable 24 -hour  nursing care throughout your recovery process. We focus on creating wellness to promote the highest level of personal care. Let us help you start your healing journey to RECOVERY!




Welcome to Personalized Recovery

Personalized Recovery is dedicated to addressing your personal needs and guiding you through your recovery process.

 We understand the difficulties associated with addiction. Going through detoxification can be mentally, physically and emotionally painful. Our treatment team is compassionate and professional. We understand each person recovers differently. Our detox program offers specialized treatment plans to accommodate your healing process. Our services include: Initial Assessment with a Physician, 24-Hour Nursing Care, Addiction Counseling, Interventions, LMFTS, Recovery Care Management,Aftercare Support, Yoga, Massage, Organic Gourmet Cuisine, Meditation and Wellness Coaching. We also provide Transportation and sober companions.


Contact us today and start your PATH TO RECOVERY! MICHELLE DAVIS 805-451-5558 

Personalized Recovery


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